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Building Beyond Carbon is a design firm that takes a systems approach to building design. We start with the building site and maximize the design to take advantage of what the site has to offer. The design, materials and energy generation systems are integrated into one cohesive system to provide comfort and healthy living space for the occupants by designing and building with the natural environment.

The integrated approach designs for the comfort and health of the occupants as well as the sustainability and health of the environment. The building design lowers the embodied carbon by selecting natural sustainable materials and operational carbon with high efficiency thermal envelops and renewable generation and storage. 


 It is very important to consult with us as early as possible

The most effective and inexpensive energy savings come in early design. 

Founder and Principal



Founder and Principal

David holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Degree in Energy Systems and is an Internationally Certified Passive House Designer.


David does research in the fields of high-performance building technologies, carbon emissions and energy technologies. He also has 20 years of International Business Development experience.


He is passionate about the environment and the reduction of carbon emissions through building design and implementation of renewable technologies while improving comfort and quality of the indoor living space.

Certified Passive House Designer
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